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Sustainable onesies & bodysuits

We get that you want to stay on trend but also be able to make ethical decisions. That’s why we are proud to create 100% US-made sustainable onesies with a strong focus on safe, fair working conditions.

BunnyAF is definitely not fast fashion, we make sustainable onesies and other clothing pieces that are designed to last. You won't find your garments fraying or fading anytime soon!

Rather than throwing buzzwords at you, here are some actions we have taken since April 2022 to make sustainable onesies a reality:
  1. We have switched to using amazing fabrics that are not only high quality but have a lower footprint
  2. We make a conscious effort to recycle any offcuts and faulty returns and have improved our returns policy so more products can be washed, pressed and returned to stock
  3. We produce in small amounts to prevent overstock and further potential wastage 
  4. We take modern slavery extremely seriously. All workers are paid well with full health cover, holidays and a well lit safe work environment
  5. All clothing is designed/approved in-house by Simi the owner keeping things small and independent. This means we are able to more closely track our supply chain and ensure a high level of quality and ethical production
  6. We listen to our community and are quick to remove anything that does not have the true BAF spirit at heart. Feedback and producing what YOU want is key to us 


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